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Best Sci-Fi/Comic/Genre Film of 2011:Poll

Hey kids, Happy New Year and all that jazz. I’m back from vacation in Palm Springs and Mesa, and ready to get going for another year. I see everything went smoothly in my absence… What? No Action Smackdown Final?

Linking the poll at the bottom of the article. You should be able to vote for up to 3 items. If I missed any (pulled these off Wiki), let me know, I will add.


That’s coming this Friday, because I said so. In the meantime, thought we’d look back at the movies of 2011, and yap about those.

Poll Results: Best Comic Book Movie 2010

The Correctness 2010 Comic Book Movie Poll results are out, and you picked Scott Pilgrim as your favorite.

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Poll Results: Who SHOULD have won Team Smackdown

So, like a bad issue of “What If” (and really, most issues were bad), we tried to imagine a world where the Team Smackdown was won by someone other than the X-Men. We left it to you, The Correct, to decide. And you spoke, clearly, loudly, and with no regard for conformity!

You chose… RobbieRobTown. I’ll leave it to him to come up with the narrative of how he beat the X-Men, but I suspect it has something to do with Marmalade, and Kitty Pryde. Or possibly Kitty Pryde in Marmalade, with no one else around. Either way, I’m reserving an early copy.

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Poll Results: Best New Avengers Show/Film

A while back, in honor of the Avengers appearance in the Team Smackdown, as well as their relaunch as Marvel’s darlings of the decade, we asked you which new Avengers property you liked he best…

Read on to see what our reader chose.

Poll Results: T-Shirts

We asked you, the Rabid Faithful, how you felt about having a whole lot of RobbieRobTown chaffing your nipples. You were, understandably, concerned. Then we told you it was only in T-Shirt form. You were still reluctant, but after a few Hard Lemonades, you agreed.

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Reader’s Choice: The Best of The Correctness Year One

A few weeks back, we asked you, minions denizens people at work with seriously nothing better to do oh faithful readers, to chime in and let us know which articles were your favorites. You remember: It was this article.

Well, to our continued amazement, you responded. Here then, are your top three favorite Correctness Articles from Year One. (Capitalized to be all Frank Miller cool.)

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Poll Result: I’m

The “I’m” poll revealed more about you than you wanted revealed. Oh, I know, you thought you were just casually clicking on a little radio button, but it was SOOOOO much more than that.

We know, for instance, for all your talk of how Frank Miller has gone off the rails, or how his work is decreasing in quality…

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Poll Results: Why You Gotta Be Like That?

Baby, I don’t why you’re getting all bent out of shape. This morning you were all smiles and sunshine. Now, you’re tearing a strip off me, and you won’t tell me why. What? I should already KNOW why you’re mad? Awwww, baby, don’t play me like that that!

What? Really? Daaaaaaaaaamn. Why didn’t you say so?

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POLL RESULTS: Han Solo vs Indy!

This week we explored a different (though in many ways familiar) tack. The poll question pitted Han Solo vs Indiana Jones, in a fistfight.

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POLL RESULT: Where do you want to go today?

In our most recent poll, we decided to appeal to your desire for travel. Where DID you want to go? The answers within…

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POLL RESULTS: How To Leave Your Lover

This week’s poll dealt with the sensitive topic of severing ties with a lover. This can be a difficult and emotional event, or a source of free lyrics…

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This week’s poll was the most contested one yet. A photo finish, with no clear majority in sight.

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Yes, I Like Pina Coladas!

Our poll has closed, and we have discovered much about our poll-taking readers…

Take part in this week’s poll, over on the right there…

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So, What’s Your Deal (Poll Results).

Our recent poll: “So, What’s your deal?”, led some interesting conclusions…

And here are the results…

IRON MAN 2 Poll Results

Our Iron Man 2 comes to a close, and the Readers have spoken! Err … clicked!

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Elvis Lives! (Poll Results)

We took a brief weekend poll, as to whom your favorite Elvis is, and the results are in. Your Favorite Elvis is?????

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The Polls are in: Empire Reigns.

In our quest to continually add new things to the site, we’ve begun polling the masses (snicker.) Last week’s poll was no great surprise to anyone, and came out about how you’d figure. Behold, The Best Star Wars Movie!

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