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New Comment Policy

Effective nowish, comments will not be posted if they’re filled with hate, trolling, or just plain stupid.

We’re ALL for creative and funny vulgarity, and clever arguments. You can call RobbieRobTown anything your heart desires, as long as you do it above a grade 9 level.

So, something like this
“Because the flash cant see where hes going. In fact he runs into walls all the time. Because his eyes are not super fast, just the rest of his god damn body.

You are fucking stupid.”

Would be okay except for the last sentence which is just plain dumb.

We’re not trying to stifle the communication, just making it less idiotic.

(Regular readers, your moronic stuff is just fine.)


Author: admin_rock

admin_rock is a media junkie who builds things with LEGO. His best work is done around a table of mildly interested dinner guests. follow him on twitter @Brickwares. And click the ads, k?

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