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David Cross

Having just read David Cross’s book “I Drink for a Reason” (which we recommend, by the way) we read that David Cross has a Google alert on his name “David Cross” so if the name “David Cross” is prominently mentioned, it will come to his (and by his I mean David Cross’s) attention. Having been big fans of David Cross since the brilliant Mr. Show, written by and starring David Cross and Bob “I’m not David Cross and I don’t have a Google alert so I won’t get mentioned as often as David Cross” Oedenkirk, I thought I might take this opportunity to mention to David Cross that we are big David Cross fans. The Mr. Show David Cross, who was also the David Cross in Arrested Development, who is the writer performer of such David Cross albums as David Cross’s “Shut up you Fucking Baby” by David Cross. We are big fans of the David Cross who played Alan Ginsburg, who coincidentally was also the David Cross who played a guy in Men in Black. We are not big fans of the David Cross of Alvin and the Chipmunks, but being David Cross is expensive, and David Cross has got to get paid. So To the David Cross who’s David Cross-ness has David Crossed David Crossiosity to David Cross and non David Cross fans alike, the Correctness would like to say a big hello to you, David Cross.

David Crossly,

David Cross (If The Correctness was named David Cross)



Author: Tbinns

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