Orphan Black Explained

Dear Correctness Readers,

Orphan Black is a new science fiction series starring Canadian actors, made by BBC America, and registered in Liberia as “The Princess of the Seas”. A lot of people (we imagine would) have been asking us to explain the plot arc of the first season (if we were still a popular alt-comedy nerd website), so we thought we’d do a public service (to our ourselves), and really break down this hot new show (way into the first season so nobody will pay much attention)!


Tbinns versus the Truckstop Bloodsuckers

So what was I doing all this time instead of writing articles literally read and adored by dozens? Well, I was doing a little TV writing, web series writing and child raising. And here’s a trailer for one such project, Truckstop Bloodsuckers. I was approached by the producers to help punch up the comedy aspect of this delightfully campy little low budget horror comedy created by Ms. Lindsey MacNeil. We went through network notes, budget notes and death defying deadlines together. I have yet to see the final result, but this looks like a pretty entertaining little show if I do say so myself. What do you think?

Truckstop Bloodsuckers Trailer from Suite One Productions on Vimeo.


Game of Silent Thrones

Admin Rock here. But you probably knew that. Wanted to weigh in on something I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now. While the geek community can be very flash in the pan about certain things, we do tend to obsess endlessly about most things we love. If you don’t believe me, consider that Star Wars opened in 1976, and we STILL endlessly debate its merits. (I’m still on Team “Bored with it now”.) So I have a question: What the hell happened to Game of Thrones?



Last Resort

Another TV related post today. You know those people who say “I don’t watch TV”, while looking down their noses at you? Well, f*ck those people. I’m TV’s bitch. TV and I love each other, and YOU CAN’T STOP OUR LOVE!!!!

ABC has released their trailer for a new series called “Last Resort”. It passed the Admin_Rock test for watch-worthiness pretty quickly. It’s Exec producer is Shawn Ryan, of The Shield fame. It stars Andre Frickin Braugher, who I would watch reading a grocery list. (I’ve been rewatching the first couple of seasons of Homicide lately. Braugher is fantastic.) It takes place on a tropical island. It has submarines.



Revolution Trailers and JJ

Hey folks, Admin_Rock here. Remember when there used to be three (or four) of us bringing you our thoughts and musings? Yeah, me too. Rather than excessive whining about why it is that the busiest of us somehow is holding the bag and bringing you new content, let’s just jump right in:

NBC has picked up the latest show from JJ Abrams called “Revolution”.



Episode Review: Translocution S05E11-”Solace”

(ed: This article was found in the trunk of RobbieRobTown’s time travelling car, dated March 12, 2022.)

Hey folks, here’s this week’s Ep review of Translocution. This week’s installment is called “Solace”, but there wasn’t any to be found for our main characters.
Things opened up with the long awaited meeting between Jake and Kelsie. Kelsie was still in possession of the stolen blueprints, and Jake pressed her for their whereabouts. Kelsie wasn’t giving anything up, especially with Jake’s imminent departure for the Omicron system. Things got heated, and Jake threatened to get the plans at any cost. We know from last season that Jake won’t hesitate to use the mind-control parasites he found, so I think this is heading in an awesome direction, for Jake at least.

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Best TV of 2011

Last week we covered the Best in Movies for 2011 (well, genre stuff, anyways). This week, we’ll look at some our favorite TV from 2011.


I say we, in hopes that the other boys will pitch in as well.


Walking Dead Discussion

Hey folks, we had a small discussion about The Walking Dead going on on the fb link, but I thought people might want to elaborate here a bit more, so …. talk away.

RULES: No comic book spoilers for events that haven’t occured.

Anything that has happened on the show is fair game.